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The Only Russian Sauna in MontrealRestoring Balance & Natural HealthEnjoy your time with friends and familyAll-inclusive experience for an affordable price.

The Only Russian Sauna in Montreal

Located minutes away from Downtown Montreal. Perfect place to experience the traditional Russian steam bath and relax with friends without leaving Montreal Island.

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Restoring Balance & Natural Health

Experience the traditional Russian steam sauna and get the numerous health benefits, which include relieving stress and nervous tension, boosting the immune system, detoxifying the body, eliminating muscle pain and strengthening the cardiovascular system.

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Enjoy your time with friends and family

Be it a birthday party or just a quiet and relaxing family evening - Banya St.Jacques is an ideal place for all your needs.

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All-inclusive experience for an affordable price.

We have everything you need for an unforgettable and unique Russian Banya experience: towels, bathrobes, sauna hats, bath broom and flip-flops. The kitchen has a fridge, a microwave and tableware. You can play pool or watch Russian TV. EVERYTHING is included!

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We are Specialist – Spa Massage


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